10/30 2018

How To Understand Which Is The Best Humidifier For You!

When the outdoor temperature goes beyond bearable, the indoor air condition, moisture, and humidity levels also get highly affected leading to unpleasant feeling and irritation. You might feel like running out of the home, but the two contradictory temperature conditions can lead to various harmful health effects as well. However, with the invention of perfect humidifiers, you can now easily replace the unpleasant moisture with desirable comforting warm or cool mist modifier. Such appliances can easily assist you in removing all the physical discomforts, right from skin allergies to chapped skin, including cold or flu symptoms by managing the temperature and removing this excessive amount of moisture. So, which is the best humidifier for you? Here are the tips!

  • Know the various types of humidifiers first

In general, humidifiers are available in two different forms – cool mist and warm mist. They both operate upon a different procedure; however, their major aim is to secure you from the excessive moisture available around. The choice of these is based upon your personal preferences, so here are some details about both-

  • Warm mist humidifiers

These devices release their mist either after boiling or warming the water through its heating element. This boiling process may turn out as extremely healthy as it kicks off all the germs available around your room or house. However, make sure that you keep it somewhere pretty away from the reach of toddlers. These can be used best during cold and are perfect for problems like sinuses or clogged nose.

  • Cool mist humidifiers

When it comes to cool ones, there are three major types of such humidifiers including evaporative, impeller and ultrasonic. The evaporative models make the use of a specific fan that blows the air upon a wet wick and further cooling the air around. In case of ultrasonic ones, you will see a vibrating nebulizer that emits water and the impeller models use a rotating disk to produce great refreshing mist.

  • Select the right one by room size

While you are confused about choosing the best humidifier, the size of your room or home is definitely something that might affect your choice. Basically, the indoor humidity must range around 30 to 50 percentage. However, without the proper assistance, this level drops down to 10% during winters. And thus, it becomes extremely essential to deal with such a drop and keep the situation under control. While you are planning to buy the humidifier, make sure that you choose it after considering the size of your room. As per square foot of the room, you can select the exact one providing better efficiency, lesser noise, and high convenience.

In general, you must go for the small humidifiers if the room sizes up to 300 square feet, plan to buy the medium one in case the area is 300 to 499 sq feet long and finally the large ones for the rooms that measure 500 to 999 sq feet.

So, with this guide, you will no more get confused and can easily buy the right humidifier as per your budget and needs!