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09/12 2018

Living Room Design – Ten Ideas About Color For You

As the addition to the previous article: Living Room Design – Which color scheme to choose, here are another ten ideas about color for you. Just like someone who ever distributed advertising leaflet about house to me, she said: “It didn’t matter if you need to buy a house, just take it as a beautiful image”. That’s funny.

Eggplant, Moss, and Red

A bold scheme of eggplant purple, moss green, and red springs up from the custom-designed rug. The walls and ceiling are stark white, focusing attention on the furnishings and accessories.

While this threesome doesn’t match a prescribed color wheel scheme, it is satisfying because green and red are complements, intensifying each other, and purple and …

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09/06 2018

Living Room Design – Which Color Scheme to Choose

Once you choose one color scheme for your living room design, then the whole style of the house could nearly be fixed. So we are always confused that which color scheme to choose, as the design will cost you much and it is not easy to change. Here are ten ideas for your conference. If only there is one that suits you.

Garden Greens

Evoke the serenity of a garden with cream-and-green-toile fabrics and soft green walls. Soft greens are calming and easy to live with. A painted yellow table adds a warm accent.

Cream with Mulberry and SageWalls, floor, and upholstery share a similar creamy hue in this living room. Color accents come from the green leaves on the …