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IT News

How likely is your job to be taken over by a computer?

Greater automation means the boundaries are moving and more jobs could be taken over by a computer

Amazon to put cloud on the balance sheet

Amazon will report on AWS in its financials from Q1 2015, as it continues to invest heavily in the...

CIOs admit they are concerned about Saas management

The majority of organisations are running applications in the cloud, but IT managers are concerned...

What are the options for electronic patient records in the NHS after NPfIT?

Many hospitals lack comprehensive electronic patient record (EPR) systems. What are the options now,...

Microsoft gets a step closer to Office everywhere with Office on Android

Microsoft has released a preview version of Office for Android, almost 10 months after the iPad...

Companies House proves £9m data governance value of just one letter

A tiny data governance error destroyed Taylor & Sons after Companies House recorded the insolvency...