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IT News

Blockchain can cut investment bank infrastructure costs by 30%

Investment banks can make huge cuts to their IT infrastructure costs through blockchain, according...

Oracle commits to expanding UK datacentre footprint in 2017

Database software giant’s renewed commitment to the UK market is part of a wider push to ramp up its...

Backup 101: Incremental vs differential vs synthetic full backup

Backup methods pros and cons: Full, incremental, differential, synthetic full, incremental forever,...

Smartphone screen size linked to e-commerce sales uplift

Screen size really does matter to retailers, with bigger mobile screens leading to more consumers...

Private and public cloud fuelled Emea infrastructure sales in Q3, shows IDC data

Demand for traditional IT hardware slumps, as sales of private and public cloud-enabling...

HSBC appoints technology advisers to keep pace with IT changes

Bank hopes to gain knowledge about technologies such as artificial intelligence and biometric...