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IT News

IBM develops quantum as a service

IBM starts the ball rolling on what it would mean to program a universal quantum computer

Quarter of banks will use startups to replace legacy IT

A quarter of banks will go to financial technology suppliers for their online and mobile banking...

How to tease out patterns in divergent data stacks

Graph databases – the technology that links relations between datasets – will revolutionise the...

EMC World 2016: Tucci and Dell vaunt datacentre modernisation

EMC World 2016 kicks off in Las Vegas, with the supplier vaunting datacentre modernisation, based on...

Virtual desktop infrastructure set for Middle East enterprise growth

More and more IT leaders in the Middle East are considering adopting virtual desktop...

Tech-savvy Asean populations shake up enterprise IT, says AIA CTO

A young, urban and tech-savvy population in the Asean region has forced enterprises to rethink their...