Performance management,business intelligence,enterprise resource planning system,finance function,

Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Performance management,business intelligence,enterprise resource planning system,finance function,
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Aren't Performance Management systems aimed at large organisations?

It's true that performance management solutions scale out to serve the needs of large organisations but many of the performance management challenges faced by companies today are really irrespective of the size of the organisations and those challenges relate to complexity for example a small company may still face significant challenges in forecasting sales fore instance to many hundreds of customers across dozens and dozens of products lines challenges that are very difficult to manage in traditional tools like spread sheets 


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Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Stephen Brook

Stephen Brook Manager, IBM Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management, IBM Software Group. Joined the Cognos Innovation Center in January 2008. Prior to that he was a Solution Architect in Cognos' UK Services organisation, focusing on the design and delivery of complex and large-scale Cognos Performance Management solutions. Stephen joined Cognos in 2004 from Royal Dutch Shell, where he held a number of roles in Engineering and Business Consultancy, the last of which involved the implementation of a Cognos Planning solution for one of Shell's main business units.


Stephen Brook from IBM Cognos Innovation Center explains in detail how Performance-Management and Business-Intelligence can work for business.

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