Performance management,business intelligence,enterprise resource planning system,finance function,

Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Performance management,business intelligence,enterprise resource planning system,finance function,
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Who needs Performance Management?

Performance management is relevant to all types of organisations whether they're commercial organisations, not for profit organisations, or in the public sector. It's also equally applicable to organisations whether they're large or small so scale isn't really an issue, every organisation faces the challenges of having to constantly appraise the external business environment look at how their business is performing look at the impact of competitors for instance and then decide how they're going to approach their own business so it's relevant for everybody. 


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Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Stephen Brook

Stephen Brook Manager, IBM Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management, IBM Software Group. Joined the Cognos Innovation Center in January 2008. Prior to that he was a Solution Architect in Cognos' UK Services organisation, focusing on the design and delivery of complex and large-scale Cognos Performance Management solutions. Stephen joined Cognos in 2004 from Royal Dutch Shell, where he held a number of roles in Engineering and Business Consultancy, the last of which involved the implementation of a Cognos Planning solution for one of Shell's main business units.


Stephen Brook from IBM Cognos Innovation Center explains in detail how Performance-Management and Business-Intelligence can work for business.

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