social media,social networking,face book,my space,twitter,social bookmarking,business culture,IT expense,information management,information sharing

Social Media Advice for Businesses

social media,social networking,face book,my space,twitter,social bookmarking,business culture,IT expense,information management,information sharing
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Why should businesses get involved with social media?


I think a lot of businesses are asking themselves why they should get involved in social media and the very phrase itself gives problems, the word social is seen as the x of business it's seen as if it's unbusiness like to be social the word media creates the impression that it's like broadcasting and it evolves lots of effort and stuff and kit whereas it's really just the web enabling people to tell their own stories and connect with other people telling their own stories as well. The language that's been used to describe this is web 2.0 which is coined by Tim O'Riley from O'Riley publishing where a group of them were aware that the web was becoming less passive more people were being more interactive and they coined that phrase to encapsulate that and another phrase that's being used is enterprise 2.0 which was coined by Andrew Macenfield from the Harvard Business School to talk about the cultural effect that these tools were having on business both of these gave the impression that this was some finite defined movement whereas as far as I'm concerned it's just the web being the web and growing up. 



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Social Media Advice for Businesses

Euan Semple

Whilst at the BBC, Euan pioneered the use of weblogs, wikis and online forums to enable staff to work more collaboratively across the organisation. Euan also worked on the BBC’s award winning leadership programme, gaining experience in how to engage and inspire people with the possibilities of social computing as a business tool. He is now independent advisor on social computing for business, and a well known writer, thinker and public speaker. His unique experience enables him to provide inspiration on this wired-up world of work and strategies for how business can prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies.



In this exclusive interview, social media expert Euan Semple breaks social media down into easy to understand terms and explains not only why every business should at least have a look at social media but also how they can make a start without the need of employing expensive agencies and IT professionals.

Euan explains how most companies are starting to feel pressured to jump head first into social media because everyone is talking about it, although it would be imperative for most businesses to at least investigate social media, throwing too much at it isn’t necessarily going to help.

Euan also acknowledges that social media can be perceived as being a tool for the younger generation, but that generation is now starting to work within your organisation and with them they will bring the tools which they’re used to using on a day to day basis. This doesn’t mean you need to ban social networking sites like Face Book and MySpace in your office, it means you need to encourage these staff to use these tools in a manor that can benefit your business and you need to trust them to do this. Euan justifies this by pointing out that they may be more likely to ask their existing peers within that network if they encounter a problem rather than going through the usual time consuming channels. This example is not just limited to the more junior employees; encouraging staff to participate in social media can speed up trouble shooting and enable any solutions found to be shared.