Unix, x86 systems, legacy systems, information management, ibm, storage, legacy data

Managing Legacy Systems

Unix, x86 systems, legacy systems, information management, ibm, storage, legacy data
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What is the definition of legacy?


Legacy literally means left behind, so in terms of IT a legacy system is anything that could be an old server that's sat in a machine room many generations old, could be a display device, could be an application itself or the code it's written in. more and more it's becoming synonymous with risk to the business and risk to the business as the older hardware is more likely to fail.


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Managing Legacy Systems

Alastair Williams

Alastair leads Centiq's Data Management Practice. A business consultant with over 15 years experience he works closely with his clients to give Information Management strategies that meet business need. Specialising in both Structured and Unstructured data environments Alastair has enabled organisations realise the benefits of robust Information Asset Management Policies to reduce the costs and risks of storing data.

He has advised on and designed storage management systems and consolidated infrastructure for FTSE 100 organisations, project managed major data migrations and advised on emerging technologies, including database archiving, data classification, storage tiering, data de-duplication, data protection and business continuity initiatives.


Many organisations are looking to contain the costs of running enterprise IT systems yet ignore the significant cost of supporting legacy systems. This video set advises how to determine the true costs of running legacy systems and presents the options for system decommissioning and application retirement without compromising data access.